PPU 30-06 Sprg M1 Garand, 150 Gr, FMJ, 60 Rds




You can never have too much ammunition, so stock up on the PPU Standard .30-06 Springfield 150 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo. Rifle ammunition made by Prvi Partizan, is in high demand by shooters all over the world. Designed and produced to compete in a demanding market, Prvi is improved thru the consistent feedback and suggestions from shooting sports enthusiasts’ world wide. Prvi Partizan ammunition represents state of the art technical and technological solutions, from the dedicated research of ballistics and firearms experts.

.30-06 Springfield for M1 Garand
150 Grain
Full Metal Jacket
Muzzle Velocity 2745 fps
Velocity at 100 Yards 2522 fps
Velocity at 200 Yards 2311 fps
Velocity at 300 Yards 2120 fps
Muzzle Energy 2500 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 Yards 2121 ft/lbs
Energy at 200 Yards 1784 ft/lbs
Energy at 300 Yards 1488 ft/lbs
Uses: Target Shooting, Training, and Competition


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