Winchester Power Max Bonded 30-06 SPRG, 150 Gr, PHP, 100 Rds




Power Max Bonded ammunition, designed specifically with the whitetail deer hunter in mind, continues the Winchester tradition of legendary excellence with a proprietary bonding process that delivers massive expansion, long-range accuracy, and results in maximum knock-down power.

Protected Hollow Point – Notched
Promotes rapid expansion for quick knock-down
Contoured Jacket
Programmed for maximum performance with a bonded core
Lead Core
Bonded to jacket for maximum retained weight and penetration
Bonded Core Technology
Remains welded to the jacket after impact
High Retained Weight
Delivers explosive impact and deeper penetration
Calibre 30-06 Springfield
Weight 150 Grain
Bullet Type Bonded Rapid Expansion PHP
Number per Box 20 Rounds
Velocity 2920 fps


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